Entry #4

Hey there.

2013-04-13 12:48:11 by spark717

A whole LOT of stuff has been going on lately. For Ryry67dude, I know you were expecting "Pokemon in a jiff" from me. No, this time it's not because the file got corrupted. In the midst of making it, I became upset and was questioning if my animation style was good enough. Everything I posted was never as successful as I had hoped it to be. So, I was pretty depressed about it and took a large hiatus from animating. After a month or two, I realized that mostly all artists feel self conscious about what they post. But, we just have to get over it. So, I did a little research, watched a few tutorials, and developed a new animation method. I'm trying to use as little tweens as possible. It should only be used for comical motions or moving from point A to point B. But, I digress. As for Pokemon in a jiff, I don't think I'll be making that for a while. Like I said in PokeFlash, I'm getting so tired of all of these pokemon parodies. I don't want to be a hypocrite and post one up. Maybe, when this whole pokefad dies down, I'll consider remaking it. Speaking of PokeFlash, I'm not really concerned with how well that thing does. I was merely testing out my new techniques with a few lost audio clips from a project I was considering to do last year. As for a real animation, blood, sweat, tears, and semen included, it might be coming soon, now that I know how to utilize what I learned in an animation.

Thanks for reading, if you did.


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2013-04-13 13:12:45

I feel your pain. :|
"Everything I posted was never as successful as I had hoped it to be." -___-
I saw you stuff... It's normal.
I think you need more practice. PokeFlash is good ;)
Good luck, dude! :)


2013-04-13 18:09:07

I read your post... fuck 'em (critics, audience), do what you want - you're only going to get better at what you do.


2013-04-17 09:02:26

the audio was pretty decent. Did you do the voices yourself? Also, pokemon parodies have been around (on newgrounds anyway) since the early 2000s. They're not going anywhere anytime soon dude.